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Building a sustainable energy future.

As the world transitions towards a ‘net zero carbon’ future, it will be critical to not only maximise renewable energy generation but also to maximise the benefits through energy storage. Based in Scotland, Akku Energy is actively developing a portfolio of renewable energy generation and storage assets with a view to optimising value for investors and landowners alike.

Building on years of deep experience in the electricity industry and leveraging specialist experience in asset design, planning, delivery and construction, our team is developing sites throughout the UK.


Storing energy, maximising efficiency.

One of the biggest issues with renewable energy sources like wind and solar is that they are intermittent. The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine – and sometimes it does when you don’t need it. That’s where Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS for short), potentially co-located with solar generation, come into their own. We design, plan and develop grid connected large-scale BESS that retain the electricity generated by renewable energy assets and export into the National Grid at times of demand when renewable energy sources are operating in suboptimal environmental conditions.


Harnessing the wind.

Wind power is a vital component of our current and future energy generation mix, with onshore wind one of the lowest cost sources of energy in the UK and a globally proven technology. Today’s powerful, efficient wind turbines generate clean, sustainable energy that has significantly reduced our dependence on fossil fuel generation. In the UK this has radically changed our energy generation mix.

Our decades of expertise in planning, procuring and deploying onshore wind-power assets around the UK allows us to take projects from concept to operation while maximising returns for investors and landowners.

A highly experienced and expert team.

Akku Energy is focused on the exceptional experience and expertise of a small team of electricity industry veterans who have outstanding track records in developing and deploying renewable energy assets and grid infrastructure. From concept to operation, you can rely on our team.

Meet the team

Andrew Pringle


Andrew is a chartered engineer with over 30 years of industry experience. Andrew has led design and project management teams working within infrastructure and renewable energy sectors and as Project Director with Infinis, he was responsible for taking over 300MW of onshore wind from consent through to operation. Andrew has also directly managed the development phases of gas peaking plants and BESS projects in the UK through to successful exit transactions.

Jamie Grant


Jamie is a planner by profession with more than 15 years’ experience in renewable energy development, focused on onshore and offshore wind and the delivery of the crucial transmission infrastructure associated with these projects. Jamie’s focus is project origination and consents, but his corporate experience extends into project direction, M&A activity and asset procurement.

Extract more value from your land.

If you think you have land that is viable for wind farm or BESS development, our experts want to talk. We can quickly assess the possibility for you to host assets generating or storing energy – and a sustainable income – on your land.

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